CarnotMD™ has the ability to use disparate healthcare data sources to provide powerful clinical and business insights into the overall performance of a hospital, group practice or individual provider. The use of powerful data and information can act as a provider feedback and practice variation tool, leading to significant gains in efficiency and throughput while increasing quality and satisfaction of care delivered.  

CarnotMD™ Features

Business Intelligence

Our tool is designed to retrieve, analyze, cross reference and report multiple data sets together in order to provide clear visibility regarding the performance of your organization.  Combining data from claims, provider and facility shift scheduling, as well as clinical data from the EMR provides insight that will help your organization control costs and maximize profitability. The CarnotMD™ tool also has the ability to visualize and export discrepancies between feeds. A discrepancy between an EMR and the billing company feed may indicate missed billing opportunities. 

Calendaring & Practice Management

Integrate your current calendaring and practice management tools into CarnotMD™.  Providers and administrators can easily access time cards, personal and group shift schedules, and document storage in one location. We have integrated with Shift Admin the industry leading scheduling and department management tool designed for emergency medicine, hospital medicine, radiology, anesthesia, urgent care, surgery and more. 

Communication with Secure Messaging

Different practice efficiency tools such as secure messaging can be integrated within CarnotMD™, thereby driving increased adoption of the platform by your providers and administrators.

Clinical Charts & Analysis

Do you or your physicians know how your organization is performing based on clinical quality metrics? A customizable snapshot view of practice determined metrics and detailed charts for a given clinical metric are designed to give a more detailed analysis of the group and individual clinical quality performance. Providers can see exactly where they perform relative to their peers for a given time period and practice location. Administrators can access all data for individual practitioners, groups, and different practice locations.  The data can be displayed relative to the practice median, national/local benchmarks or both.



CarnotMD can help your progressive health care system and / or physician group practice lead, build and own the future path of healthcare delivery by using disparate data more effectively with actionable information. We can help you get control of your data bringing it together in one integrated platform. 

What the future holds

Staffing optimizer – Our optimizer creates an “acuity load” for the department and assists with the calculation of overall staffing expense.

Disease- procedure specific utilization metrics – Present utilization rates for specific subsets of patients and help support practice pattern changes.

Disease-specific reporting – CarnotMD™ will analyze the practice patterns for a disease state to help reduce unnecessary test utilization. 


Productivity tool integrations – Secure document storage tool; integration with HR vendors to show pay stubs, benefits, etc.

Further demographic analysis – It is our intention to export data regarding disease state percentages, age analysis, and zip code analysis.

Integration with the HIE – Single sign on ability so that, once inside CarnotMD™, providers can easily access the HIE data and outcomes. 

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